VOLUME 14 - Issue 48 / 2018

Pharmacovigilance knowledge in Brazil: perception of participants of oncology patient advocacy group on adverse events reporting
Guilherme Silva Julian; Renato Watanabe de Oliveira; Eimy Minowa; Luiza Cecilio; Luciana Holtz de Camargo Barros
Braz J Oncol. 2018;14 (48) :1-11
Inferred survival analysis of metastatic breast cancer in a brazilian external library
Marcio Debiasi; Sergio Simon; Luciana Preger; Lourenia Cassoli; Carlos Barrios
Braz J Oncol. 2018;14 (48) :1-10
New horizons for treating castration resistant prostate cancer: Bipolar Androgen Therapy
Katia Regina Marchetti; Gabriel Passos Souza; Pedro Isaacsson Velho
Braz J Oncol. 2018;14 (48) :1-10
How much "surgical eff ort" should be added to HIPEC?
Thales Paulo Batista; Levon Badiglian-Filho; Glauco Baiocchi
Braz J Oncol. 2018;14 (48) :1-4
Current status and future of peritoneal surface diseases
Victor J Verwaal; Mette Møller Sørensen
Braz J Oncol. 2018;14 (48) :1-4

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